We're photographers. So why have we chosen a bunch of selfies on our iPhone to tell you all about us? Because our love story began with an iPhone. We met online, Julie chose only one person, swiping right just once. And she's never looked back.

The iPhone led them to their first date, where Julie 'dropped a pin' and arranged to meet Nicola in a beautiful location. Nicola followed the postcode instead and ended up in a council estate. We still laugh about it now.

Love is easy when you find the right one. And you can both use an iPhone!


Our passion for photography, our community and believing in #lovewins brings this entire concept together.

Love is Love . . .


Coming Out and Being Out

Oh my, look at the wallpaper. Early 80's Christmas in Essex! I was about 8 there. Little did I realise I'd be swapping what looks like a plunger for a camera!

Coming out was mixed for me but being out was harder to get my head around. Still feels weird that I continually have to come out even though straight people don't. But I've really accepted who I am now and have come a long way.

I suffered quite a bit of discrimination and abuse in my early 20's, including seeing my friends thrown out of bars and clubs for being gay and even witnessed my best friend being put on the floor by a man twice her age, calling her dyke T*** as he did it.


It hasn't been an easy journey, but I love the LGBT+ community so combining my passion for photography and snapping you beautiful people is a dream!


Coming Out and Being Out

Yeah, my roots are Welsh! And I've finally come home! I didn't choose to dress like that and I won't come dressed like that to your wedding! Promise.


I've worked in Wedding Photography for nearly 10 years, all over the world and I shoot at some of the most beautiful venues. Since meeting Julie, we wanted a better life for ourselves, so I have come back to the sunny South Wales coast. It's great to be back.

Coming out was easy for me. I know I am very privileged to have the family and friends I do and when I told them, it was business as usual.

Saying that, I have worked in the LGBT+ community, supporting our people and I know I am a rare case. 

So Love is Love was born. The most important thing for us is you feel supported by us, as I know your story might not have been as easy as mine.

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