What next?

Get in touch and lets chat. It's always key to make sure 'we fit.' If we're not local to you then we can always video chat. Fill out the details on our contact form and we'll get back to you. Always happy to receive your questions, we understand that this whole thing can be a bit daunting.

How we work?

We will tell your story, the industry calls it 'Documentary Photography'. We're allusive . . . or ninja what ever suits best. We fully appreciate not everyone likes their photo being taken, interesting fact there's an actual phobia! Scopophobia refers to the fear of being looked at and Eisoptrophobia is the fear of seeing one’s own reflection, so we'll fully support and understand that.

Your Investment

There'll always be two shooters, so more for your buck! Two Brides, Two Grooms, right? So you can Diva away all day, knowing we've got it covered!

8 Hour Coverage £1300

Prep to the meal or ceremony to your dance off!        

12 Hour Coverage £1800

Full day Prep to your dance off!                               

Why work with us?

Because we go beyond to capture that perfect picture, we understand the community and some of the things you might be up against, we have 8 years experience shooting weddings all around Europe and we're really nice people!

We will be by your side throughout the entire organising and on the day. We'll be your new BFF's!


How will I receive our photos?

Downloadable online gallery

How long will it be before our photos are ready?

Up to 4 weeks

Will we have to pay anything extra?

No, travel is included. See * below

Will we need to feed you?

Be great if you can as its a long day with little time to stop

How many photos will we get?

Minimum you'll receive is 400

Can we have group photos taken? 

Of course and we'll ask you prior to the wedding for your list

*Can we have an Album? 

Yes, this can be arranged for an additional cost, please request

What happens if you are ill or injured?

This to date has never happened, we have plenty of industry support though and would always get the wedding covered

Who owns the copyright?

The photographer always owns the copyright, but we give you printing rights.

Will we share your day on social media?

We would love to, but we will ask you for permission before we do it.